Hey all... since i been here last

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Hey all... since i been here last

Unread postby pinball_0 » Wed Feb 10, 2010 2:10 pm

I haven;t fogotten about you all here, I came off active duty ARMY... now working as a contractor

But made a few acquisitions since my SGI's.... 2 PORSCHE's one 85 -944 coupe and one 90-944 cabriolet
but had to brag here as I made it to be featured on porsche's web site as well!!

SO I thought I'd link it to those of you who I have chatted with and to those I haven't.

Best made stuff was a thread awhile back... I think that SGI, AMIGA's, PORSCHE 944's are all timeless
funny though how the great makers all seem to fall out...not because of their product BUT because of their management
unable to properly market the best.

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