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by zahal
Sat Sep 24, 2016 9:25 am
Forum: Hardware For Sale/Trade
Topic: Free: DEC 3000 memory
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Re: Free: DEC 3000 memory

By any chance do you have memory for the Alphaserver DS15?
by zahal
Sun Feb 21, 2016 7:11 pm
Forum: Hardware Wanted
Topic: Apple HDI45-DB15 adapter (PowerMac 6100/7100/8100).
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Apple HDI45-DB15 adapter (PowerMac 6100/7100/8100).

Looking for a HDI45 to DB15 adapter. These were used on the first generation Apple Macintosh PowerPC models (6100, 7100, 8100). I recently grabbed a 6100/66 and can't hook up a monitor without the adapter. Hopefully someone here has one, PM me if you do.
by zahal
Fri Apr 03, 2015 2:45 pm
Forum: SGI: Development
Topic: Can someone build a ResidualVM package?
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Re: Can someone build a ResidualVM package?

In case anyone wants to play Grim Fandanago and does not have the original CD to use ResidualVM, a new remastered version is now available:
by zahal
Sun Jan 25, 2015 4:10 pm
Forum: Miscellaneous Operating Systems/Hardware
Topic: Accelgraphics Eclipse PCI
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Re: Accelgraphics Eclipse PCI

Thanks for the link. Installed in the Win98 box and could not get it working other than basic settings.
I'll try on W2k when I get my VW320 running.
by zahal
Thu Jan 15, 2015 5:31 pm
Forum: Miscellaneous Operating Systems/Hardware
Topic: Accelgraphics Eclipse PCI
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Accelgraphics Eclipse PCI

Came upon a working Accelgraphics Eclipse PCI, but finding the drivers seems like finding a needle in a haystack. I plugged into a Win98 box (since the card is from that era), but I only get limited VGA. Does anyone know if W2k includes the drivers, or if there is a link to them? The card is full le...
by zahal
Thu Oct 09, 2014 6:38 pm
Forum: Miscellaneous Operating Systems/Hardware
Topic: PC case recommendations?
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Re: PC case recommendations?

Depending on the motherboard's size you can use a retro a PS/1 case, or some other landmark model (Commodore 16, etc..).
by zahal
Thu Oct 09, 2014 6:34 pm
Forum: Everything Else
Topic: Will AI be third-time-lucky?
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Re: Will AI be third-time-lucky?

Oskar45 wrote:AI is an illusion.

So is human intelligence.
by zahal
Wed Oct 01, 2014 6:07 pm
Forum: Apple
Topic: Need help resurrecting a Mac Color Classic
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Re: Need help resurrecting a Mac Color Classic

What kind of VRAM SIMM do you have on your CC? You might want to try with another working VRAM SIMM, as sometimes they can cause problems. Your stock CC should have no trouble with the slowest VRAM SIMM available.
by zahal
Thu Sep 25, 2014 10:00 am
Forum: Apple
Topic: iPhone 6 "plus" repair kit
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iPhone 6 "plus" repair kit

For those of you who have a warped iPhone 6 "plus", the repair kit is now available: ... repair-kit
by zahal
Wed Sep 24, 2014 8:38 pm
Forum: Apple
Topic: Apple Workgroup Server 9150
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Re: Apple Workgroup Server 9150

I have one as well. Remove the 1MB cache simm and install a Sonnet G3 upgrade (or a G4 if you can find one). They take the PDS upgrades made for the x100 NuBus PowerPC Macs. Find a JackHammer or ATTO NuBus SCSI card and a fast wide SCSI drive. A fast NuBus video card will also make that monster smil...
by zahal
Sun Aug 03, 2014 6:59 pm
Forum: SGI: Development
Topic: Netsurf 3.1
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Re: Netsurf 3.1

I had a working NetSurf some time ago. When the number of lib dependencies grew, somewhere along the line the binary core dumped.
I don't have the O2 with me here now, but I can look it up next time I fire the Blue Demon up and check which was the last working version.
by zahal
Sun Aug 03, 2014 6:52 pm
Forum: Everything Else
Topic: Email service recommendations
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Re: Email service recommendations

If you need web based mail services check out:
by zahal
Fri Jul 11, 2014 6:45 pm
Forum: Sun
Topic: XVR 600 XVR1200 Driver pack? - grab it here
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Re: XVR 600 Driver pack?

Aren't they on the Solaris 10 DVD?
by zahal
Sun Jun 22, 2014 10:56 pm
Forum: SGI: Hardware
Topic: O2 Drive upgrade
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O2 Drive upgrade

Going from a Seagate 15k.4 73GB to a Seagate 15.5 146GB. The new disk has 16MB cache (twice as much as the 15k.4). Had some issues with a SCA-68 pin converter (gave all the LUNS), but a SCA-50pin/68pin converter worked perfectly. It's hooked up on the external bus and cloning as I type this. The 15k...
by zahal
Thu Mar 27, 2014 10:30 am
Forum: Apple
Topic: Duo 2300c
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Re: Duo 2300c

Nice find. I had one years ago. Did the overclock to 120Mhz and installed the GV modem. Had the minidock and 40MB RAM -could never find the upgrade to 56MB at a decent price. Too bad I sold it later. Have you switched the HD to a CF (SLC) card? I remember the 2300C had both IDE and SCSI connectors f...

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